ICSE 2012

Beyond Software and Software Systems Processes

Processes are ubiquitous in the modern Software and Software Systems Engineering world. Software and software systems development use processes as one major means for achieving and ensuring the quality of the final product. This leads to specific challenges regarding software processes such as simplicity, adaptability, standard conformance, the coordination of multiple domains and lifecycles, etc. Processes from other domains (e.g., health care, manufacturing, business, aerospace, automotive systems, and others) face similar challenges. Yet, they share interesting similarities with and differences to software processes. The question is: How can we in the software domain learn from other domains to meet our software process engineering challenges? The ICSSP conferences continue the successful ICSP conference series, while broadening ICSPs scope of software development processes to system development and explicitly including processes of other domains such as health care, business, and manufacturing. By sharing process development theories and practices from such domains, ICSSP 2012 aims at investigating novel solutions to todays process challenges.

ICSSP 2012 invites papers describing completed research or advanced work-in-progress in all areas of software and software systems process as well as processes in other domains with a clear relationship to software process challenges, including, but not limited to:
Traditional ("rich") processes and process models
Agile ("lean") processes and process models
Model-based process improvement
Continuous process improvement
Process lifecycle approaches
Design of large-scale processes, e.g., coordinating global development or multiple lifecycles
Modeling, simulation, and analysis of processes
Process tools and metrics

Cost estimation and project planning
Processes for developing adaptive systems, systems of systems, cloud and social networks
Processes in non-software domains (including, but not limited to: health care, transportation, automation systems, manufacturing, business, aerospace, automotive systems) with a demonstrated relationship to software process challenges
Empirical studies, encompassing processes for the complete software development lifecycle or selected parts of it

For ICSSP 2012, we invite full papers (maximum length 10 pages) and short papers (maximum length 5 pages). Topics suitable for full papers include completed and evaluated research on novel approaches to major software and software systems process challenges and in-depth experience reports of major significance for the community. Topics for short papers include experience reports, work-in-progress research papers (in particular Ph.D. work), and position papers addressing open research questions and future research directions. The authors of a small set of best research papers will be invited to submit enhanced versions of their papers to a special issue of the Journal of Software Evolution and Process.

All papers must conform at time of submission to the ICSE 2012 Format and Submission Guidelines, and must obey the page limit, including all text, references, appendices, and figures. Submitted papers must be in English and in PDF format. The instructions will be posted on the conference website soon.

Key Dates

Abstract Submission
January 16, 2012

Paper Submission
January 23, 2012

Acceptance notification
February 27, 2012

CR version ready
March 12, 2012

June 2-3, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland (co-located with ICSE 2012)