Software and systems development takes place in a dynamic context of frequently changing technologies, and limited resources. Development teams worldwide are under ever-increasing pressure to deliver software, systems and services more quickly and with higher levels of quality. At the same time, global competition is forcing development organizations to cut costs by rationalizing processes, outsourcing part or all of their activities, reusing existing software in new or modified applications and evolving existing systems to meet new needs, whilst still minimizing the risk of projects failing to deliver. To address these difficulties, new or modified processes are emerging including lean and agile methods, plan-based product line development, and stronger integration with existing processes..
    This new ICSSP conference series is the successor to the past ICSP conference series, widening the ICSP scope from a focus on software process to a focus on the larger issues relating to systems research and practice. For ICSSP 2011, submissions addressing process support for developing software, systems and services in a systems engineering context are of particular interest.

ICSSP 2011 invites papers describing completed research or advanced work-in-progress in all areas of software and systems process including:
Agile/Lean processes in software and systems development
Assessment and improvement of software and systems processes
Cost estimation and project planning
Empirical studies
Global software and systems development
Software and systems supply chain
Life cycle development methods including product-line engineering and all others
Modeling and simulation of software and systems processes
Novel techniques for process representation and analysis of software and systems processes

Process improvement
Process tools and metrics for software and systems engineering
Studies focused on specific portions of the development lifecycle including requirements engineering, design, testing,       independent verification and validation and others
Process issues in health care, transportation, and automation systems
Specific challenges of software process design in systems development

For ICSSP 2011, we invite full research papers (maximum length 10 pages), short papers (maximum length 5 pages), and position papers (maximum length 3 pages). Topics suitable for short papers include experience reports and work in progress. We will be accepting position papers on the following topics:

  • Unique contributions of the Process Research Community - What are the unique contributions of the Process Research Community in the past and what do you see as the unique contributions the process research community can make in the future? How are these different from contributions made by the business process reengineering community, or the software process improvement communities? How should the process research community interact with these communities in the future?
  • Future Directions for Research - What core research questions still require work?? How do trends in such new areas as cloud computing, mobile devices, sustainable IT, software as a service, as well as other technological innovations create opportunities for future process research? What are the future research directions that seem likely to have the greatest impact?

Important Dates

January 17, 2011

Acceptance notification
February 28, 2011

CR version ready
March 10, 2011

May 21-22, 2011, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (co-located with ICSE 2011)